I guess I'm like most people.  Not every day is a great one, work wise or personally.  Sometimes you get home and you're just mad, frustrated, sad, or stressed out. Some people take it out by working out, some people holler at things, some people consult their vices.  Some people dance it out.

Don't judge.  He just wanted to dance.  Anyway.  What I find myself doing is listening to music.  I know you'd think that I do that all day long, but this is different.  I tend to turn to some of my favorite music like The Beatles, or I'll turn to something that's been on my mind lately.  And I'm sure you guys have had those moments too - where you're so mad at your boss or your significant other or your kids or your parents or whoever... and then that song comes on.  The song comes on, and you just can't be mad anymore.  What is that song?  What's your favorite cheer up song?  Take our survey and tell me all about it, and we'll share your answers on the air!

Musically yours,