Every day here on our stations, I’m thinking about different ways to interact with you.  I know this whole radio thing isn’t just me out there talking to myself.  So it’s very important to me that I get your input on stuff!  That’s what the weekly Enquiring Minds surveys are all about, picking your brain and seeing what you think about stuff.On Monday, I asked you guys about some of your favorite breakfast cereals.  The answers varied from healthy to sugary:  Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Bunches of Oats, Special K with Berries, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch, Frosted Flakes, Shredded Wheat, Grape Nuts, Raisin Bran.......... and you know it wouldn't be a poll if I didn't hear from this person:

I hate cereal & milk!!!

I personally like a plan corn Chex, or if I'm feeling froggy maybe a Honey Nut Oh's.

See?  There are good things in the middle. 

Anyway, on Tuesday I asked you guys about the upcoming Labor Day weekend.  I don't know if Boyfriendo and I have big plans, because it might rain this weekend. If it does, we'll stay in.  If it's nice, I know the Girlies wanted to go to Schlitterbahn again, so we'll see if that happens.   Some of you were planning on leaving town, some of you weren't.

No, have the Chilhowee Fair to help with.

Now that might not be leaving town, but it sounds like fun!

 My family usually does not travel too far, but being that my Mom and I are both in the military, we go to Worlds of fun on labor day a lot.  They have a great discount for Military Appreciation.

If anybody wants to get more details on the WOF deal, here goes: Veterans of the American Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard will receive complimentary admission to Worlds of Fun on Monday 9/1/14 (Labor Day). This offer also allows military personnel to purchase up to six (6) discount admission of $7 off a regular admission for their immediate family. This is offer is for active duty, retired military and National Guard with honorable or medical discharge and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps with government issued ID. Please present valid government issued ID at the Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun to the front gate on 9/1/14 in order to receive your admission.

Some of you decided to keep it simple:

Of course! Headed to the lake,  can't beat it.

Then, there's the super duper lucky and I wish I could go with them.

I will be on a cruise ship to Cozemel, Grand Caymans & Jamaica!!! Best Labor Day ever!!!

I cannot even begin to express in words how jealous I am. Moving on.

On Wednesday, I read a new survey that says if a pizza looks a certain way, we're more likely to buy it. So I wanted to know what toppings you love on your pizza! I like some different combinations: chicken, bacon, and black olives is good. I also like pepperoni, black olives and.... anchovies. I'm controversial, I know!

I love hamburger, pork sausage, pepperoni, olives, mushrooms and extra cheese!!! Talk about a vein clogger!!!

Oh, that sounds interesting! Well, if you're gonna have the pizza, might as well go for it, right?

Mushrooms, cheeses, peppers, sausage, canadian bacon, hamburger, more cheese, olives, onions, more cheese, repeat

While you lost me a little on the mushrooms, I do share your love of cheese.

Grilled chicken, bacon, ranch, pepperoni, spicy sausage

That's almost what I get! We're pizza kindred spirits.


While the simplicity of your answer is admirable... I gotta have one meat on there. Unless it's a cheese pizza, that one squeaks by. But at least some pepperoni or somethin!

On Thursday, I asked you guys about something that not a lot of us get to do: MEET FAMOUS PEOPLE. Listeners sometimes assume I get to meet all the celebs, but that's not true. So I asked what famous people you'd like to meet!

I'd like to go on Trisha Yearwood's cooking show.

Definitely! Trisha seems so funny. I bet she'd be a blast to hang out with.

The cast of Sons of Anarchy

That's one of those shows I keep meaning to watch. It's been in the Netflix queue forever.

Jaclyn Smith.

Who didn't love Charlie's Angels!?

David Tennant.

Oh.                                                           Oh, no.

I... well. You've hit a nerd nerve.

I have a not so secret love of David Tennant. He's like, the best person ever.

HE'S SO CUTE. It's not fair.

Make sure you join me next week for another round of questions about all sorts of different stuff.  You can take some of the old surveys and get points, and use them to win prizes.

Questioningly yours,