Every week I like to get your interactions into what we talk about on the show.  Usually what happens is I pick a topic that's somewhat relevant to a current event or an upcoming one - or maybe just something that was brought up on the show.  I ask you guys a question, and you tell me your answers! On Monday, we started talking about Independence Day.  So I asked you guys what some of your favorite things to cook and eat on the 4th of July are.  Most of you tend to like going the barbecue route.

Hamburgers and hot dogs and brats on the grill.  Also homemade potato salad and watermelon.


Brats and seven layered salad.


Bar-B-Que'd ribs, hamburgers & hot dogs

Obviously I need to come eat with ya'll! Dang. You guys have got this down to tee.

Medium Rare beef tenderloin and Jalapeno rice. An Ultimate Vodka on the rocks. Or a nice Cabernet would work

Oooh, I love jalapenos. I didn't know about a jalapeno rice, though! Maybe that'll be something I try to find a recipe for this 4th.

On Tuesday, I was reading a new poll from Rolling Stone. According to a new Rolling Stone readers' poll, the WORST movie of the year so far is the new "Godzilla" remake, followed by "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", "A Million Ways to Die in the West", "Noah", and "I, Frankenstein". So I thought I'd ask you guys about the worst movies you've seen!

That's a tough question...I would have to say the worst movie I have ever seen is 'Twilight'. I had to force myself to sit there and watch it.   I think what made it bad was the lack of chemistry between all the characters, plus the story line was horrible to begin with.

Noted. I haven't seen it myself, but I've heard it wasn't for anybody over the age of 13. But hey, if the kids like it, great.

White Chicks.   Because White Chicks.

'Nuff said.

Marley and me.. because the dog died

OH MAN. I don't know if that's bad, so much, or just sad. 'Cos the dog died at the end of Old Yeller, and I don't know if I'd call that a bad movie.

On Wednesday, I asked about your favorite cartoon character of all time.  For me, the Looney Tunes are the best - and you guys seemed to agree.

Tweety Bird. I have a bathroom decorated in Tweety Bird.

You guys also said characters like Roadrunner, Little Lulu,  Foghorn Leghorn, The Simpsons, Roger Rabbit, the Rugrats, Goofy, Wile E Coyote, Scooby Doo, Archer, Pete Puma... but overall, ya'll were very fond of the Warner Brothers cartoons.

Looney Tunes by far!

On Thursday, I asked about a thing I saw online from Billboard.com. They made a list of the best summer songs of all time and compiled them. Which of course, got me to thinking about the songs that I think about in the summertime, or my favorite summer themed songs. While I don't know if this one is my FAVORITE of all time, I do enjoy this summer themed song from The Beatles:

And of course, you guys are never shy about sharing your thoughts about music.  You definitely had the classics in mind:

Has to be the classic Beach Boys "California Girl". Of course any Kenny Chesney beach song is great!

And there were a few other great ideas like "Love Shack", "Ready, Set, Roll", "Get Your Shine On", "Fast Cars and Freedom", "When the Sun Goes Down", "Strawberry Wine" and of course, the Will Smith song, "Summertime".

My favorite new summer song would have to be "Play it Again" by Luke Bryan!! :) It's just one of those songs that makes us wanna get out in a crowd and dance!!  Makes me want to get to know someone or just have a good time with friends:)

See, that's what a summer song is supposed to do! Good times.

I can't remember what it's called, but Kid Rock had a song a few years ago about the summer. I loved that one.

It's "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock. He samples "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynrd, and "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon.

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