As if my inadequacies weren’t apparent enough, now I learn that a six-year-old girl can out spell me, as well as an 11-year-old boy and a 14-year girl in Kansas City. The National Spelling Bee is hurtful to people like me who have to use spell check for any word with more than four letters.

Why do we have to have contests that shows kids are smarter than most of us? Not long ago I read where a kid who should have been in the fifth grade of school was starting his first day of college. There is nothing fair about that. I guess I should have felt sorry for the kid, because I remember how much fun I had in that grade trying to master staying inside the lines with crayons, something I still can’t do.

I try not to be bitter when I see a story that highlights my short comings, but I know I am not alone. Why else would they have invented spell check?