We Learn as We Go
As a young man I always enjoyed a woman's a beautiful face, and the smell of sweet perfume
As I grew older I learned to love the beauty in wrinkles, and the pungent smell of Ben-gay
Jack Miller
Mid-Missouri Memory: Important Firsts in a Boy’s Life
Important Firsts in a Boy’s Life
The firsts in a boy’s life are important to get right; because they are the ones he will remember his whole life. They are just as important for girls too of course, but someone of that gender will have to tackle those firsts...
Trails End Project Starts To Take Shape
The Trails End Project has been years in the making, but the pieces are starting to be placed at the corner of 16th and Highway 65.
It may be a holiday, but the project started to have the big pieces in place today and will continue through the week...
Behka’s Enquiring Minds: Music History [SURVEY]
I know this is going to make me sound so incredibly old, but here goes.  There's something I've noticed about the young people today - they don't seem to know much about what happened before them.  In fact, my niece will use that as an excuse for just about anything she does…

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