Jack’s Mid-Missouri Memory: Christmas Stores
Jack Miller   Christmas Stores
As I watch the Christmas shoppers rushing around Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and all the other big stores in Sedalia today; I can’t help but think back to those cold crisp December days of my youth, and the stores we shopped in back then. The.…
It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas
Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.  Vehicles are adorned with ribbons and wreaths, people are wearing flashing reindeer necklaces, and kids are on their best behavior.
Just remember those that maybe don't have someone to spend the holidays with this year...
Jack’s Mid-Missouri Memory: Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
They say anticipation is often better than the event. If that is true then the best time any of us has ever had, has to be on a Christmas Eve. That may not be true when we grow up, but think back to those days from ages five to say 20...

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