Behka’s Enquiring Minds Recap: Week of June 30 [OPINION]
Every week I like to get your interactions into what we talk about on the show.  Usually what happens is I pick a topic that's somewhat relevant to a current event or an upcoming one - or maybe just something that was brought up on the show.  I ask you guys a question, and you tell me…
Behka’s Enquiring Minds: Oreo Flavors [POLL]
I'm not sure what's going on at Nabisco, but maybe they should just leave Oreos alone.  They've come out with a ton of limited-edition flavors in the past few years, and while some are awesome . . . like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Oreos . . . some are not.
Behka’s Enquiring Minds: Talking to Animals [SURVEY]
Most of us have a pet - or you had one, growing up.   If you have one now, you literally are living with animals.  It's so strange when you sit down and think about it - you're living with something which you may or may not be able to truly communicate.  I know that I have t…

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