Here’s how it works: Uncle Sam has hid prized fireworks around town. You might see one at a busy intersection, hidden somewhere in the parking lot of your favorite local business, stashed in the park or near a historic building. They could be anywhere! They look like this:


Tune in every morning and keep an eye on our websites and Facebook page. We’ll give you clues about where the prized fireworks are hiding that day. The Country Kitchen Scavenger Hunt will start on July 3. We will take a break over Independence Day weekend, and pick it back up on July 7.

Find one and bring it back to our station at 2209 S. Limit in Sedalia, Mo., and you win the prize that’s listed on that firework, brought to you by Country Kitchen. It’s that easy.

You will have a chance to win prizes from these great local business:

Country Kitchen

Firework City


The End Zone