No, I will not accept your invitation to play Candy Crush, guy that I haven't talked to since our 4th grade Spring Sing. Facebook is a great social media site that allows to connect in ways that were never possible. Facebook is a tool most of us use everyday, but some things about Facebook drive me insane. Here are five things that we hate about Facebook.

5) Facebook Chat: Back in the early days of Facebook, you were either offline or online. You would send your friends messages and they got back to you when they could. Facebook Chat has made it impossible to hide from people you don't want to talk to. You can even see when someone has read your message. If you are on Facebook long enough to have a chat conversation, you are on Facebook for too long. Call that person, text them or meet up with them like a normal person.

4) Advertisements: Remember when Facebook didn't have advertisements? I know, it has been a while, but Facebook was actually clutter free once. I am not interested in what you are trying to sell. If I wanted to buy something I would use one of the thousand internet sites to do so. Plus, Facebook uses what you search for in a search engine to gauge what you are interested in. I don't need the reminder of the weird things I could have possibly been looking at last Thursday at 3 a.m.

3) Check-ins: This Facebook feature brought stalking to a whole new level. Not only did you just tell everyone where you were, but you also gave them the time and exact location. It's one thing to say you are having a coffee at Starbucks or that you enjoyed a coffee at Starbucks, but to tell us the exact time and location is a bit much. That crazy ex sure does thank you though!

2) Poke: What is this? If you want to talk, message me, post something on my wall. I don't understand a poke, it is rude in person so I don't really appreciate it online either. You must be extremely bored if you are poking me. If you are thinking of clicking the poke button, that is your indication that it is time to log off.

1) Game Invitations: Everyone hates these. Seriously, I have not met one person who enjoys getting a game invitation. When you have a notification and you click on it only to find out it is a game invitation is like finding out you didn't really have to do that strange thing you did for a Klondike bar. Just stop sending game invitations, your friends can thank me later.

What else do you hate about Facebook?  Let us know in the comments below.