As we all know, I am a sucker for animals.  Just last week, the boyfriend and I nearly walked away with a dog after an adoption event.  But rest assured, we walked away without the dog, and only because it's not feasible NOW to get one.  We will have a dog when we're not living in a one bedroom apartment. 

And when it's time for a dog, we're going to go to the Sedalia Animal Shelter.  Shelter dogs and cats need your adoption today.  They're great animals and they need your love!  The Shelter staff are great and do everything they can to make the animals as comfortable as they can, keeping them warm, fed, and happy.  But they need your help to keep up the day to day expenses.  So they're having a nice fundraiser this weekend that you definitely should attend.  Here's a photo of an adoptable dog to look at while I tell you about it.

Look at that face and tell me you don't want to adopt him. Go ahead. Try it. You can't, can you? I bet you made a little face and started baby talking to that dog's picture.

Well, you can't take him home just yet, but you can help out the Shelter in another way. They're having a big Ham and Bean dinner this weekend to raise money for the animals. There will be a dinner and an auction, with proceeds to help the Sedalia Animal Shelter. It’ll be held on April 6 at the First Christian Church of Sedalia, 200 South Limit. The dinner begins at 5:00 p.m, the auction begins at 6:00 p.m. Adult tickets are $5, children 12 and under are $3.

So stop by, eat some food, and then go on by the Shelter when it opens again and bring home your new best friend.

Adoptingly yours,