There are many ways to celebrate Halloween, and recently a lot of churches have adopted the "trunk-or-treat" experience. Lifepointe Church at 16th and Lamine put on their first Trunk-or-Treat with a festival flair.

They had a little of everything for both kids and adults.  There were a few cars parked outside that passed out candy which is where I hung out to start out.  Visitors were led inside where families picked up tickets that would allow them to have hot dogs, drinks, cotton candy and popcorn.  This was all free.

When I first arrived, I could tell a lot of thought went into making sure everyone had a good time since there was a cakewalk that parents could participate in with their kids.  There were drinks of all kinds from Pepsi to Cherry Pepsi, to Hawaiian Punch and other drinks.

There were games kids could play, such as the duck game, which was a favorite amongst the younger kids.  There was kids playing pin the nose on the pumpkin, bean bag toss and putt putt golf.  The Snake Lady was also there with seven different snakes for kids to touch, and then there was also a science room.  I have to admit, I didn't make it in there when they were doing demonstrations, but it looked like kids had a great time.

Overall, I think this debut event was successful. I was told over 1,000 kids came through Lifepointe Church between 5 and 8:30.  Job well done to all of those involved!