Warrensburg (July 6, 2015) – The City of Warrensburg Public Works Department has scheduled an asphalt surface seal coating project for Maguire Street. The project will begin on the North side of the Highway 50 Interchange Bridge and continue to the North side of the intersection of Young Street and Business 50. The project is scheduled to occur on Monday, July 27, 2015.

Due to the nature of this project, weather will be a crucial factor in its success. Weather conditions must be met. Tim Moulis, of Musselman & Haul contractors stated, “We will not put the product down unless it is optimum conditions. We should know the day before if we can begin work. Humidity, wind and surface temperature play a vital role in the cure time of the product.” Should conditions not be favorable, work will commence the following day.

 This project is expected to take a full 12 hours and all access to and from highway 50 ramps will be closed for the duration of the project.

Public Works Director, Marvin (Slim) Coleman said, “MoDot will also be changing the existing lane markings along this section to include: changing the northbound dedicated left hand turn lane onto westbound Highway 50 to either a left- turn lane or a continuous northbound lane. This change has been determined by the traffic engineers to alleviate some traffic backups and congestion in the area

Alternative routes for those wishing to travel north or south in this area include Holden Street to Cooper Boulevard as well as PCA Road to Hawthorne Boulevard.

For more information or questions, please call Public Information Officer, Sylvia Carpenter at the City of Warrensburg at 660-262-4692 or Public Works Director, Marvin (Slim) Coleman at (660) 747-9135.

(Courtesy of City of Warrensburg)