Here are your Sedalia Police crime reports for September 17, 2012.


Sedalia woman in jail pending a $150,000 bond for exploitation of the elderly
At 10:27 this morning Sedalia police arrested 51-year-old Lara Anderson of Sedalia on a failure to appear warrant out of Pettis County.  The warrant was reportedly for an original charge of financial exploitation of the elderly and stealing.  Anderson was in the Pettis County Jail pending $150,000 bond on the warrant at the time of the police report.


Suspects arrested following a traffic infraction early this morning

Just before 4 o’clock this morning, Sedalia police observed a vehicle illegally parked at 4th and Emmitt.  A check on the occupants of the vehicle revealed a passenger, Vena Schoonover, had a failure to appear warrant out of Pettis County for possession of narcotics. She was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine. The other suspect, identified as 20-year-old Brandon Bom of Sedalia, was found to have an illegal style of knife in his possession. At the time of the police report, both suspects were on 24-hour hold at the Pettis County Jail pending formal charges. Schoonover was also pending a $25,000 bond on the warrant.


Boyfriend injures his girlfriend by hitting her with a thrown license plate

Just after 10 o’clock Sunday night, Sedalia police arrested 25-year-old Jeffery Buchanan of Sedalia for an assault on his girlfriend. The police report states earlier that night the female victim had reported to officers that she had been hit in the forehead when Buchanan threw a license plate at her causing a cut. At the time of the police report, Buchanan was on 24-hour hold at the police station pending formal charges for 2nd degree domestic assault.


Burglary suspect arrested with the evidence Saturday afternoon.

At 3:20 Saturday afternoon, Sedalia police responded to a burglary in the 1500 block of South Ingram. As officers were investigating the burglary, a neighbor came to them and reported that a man carrying a Marlboro Bag had just ran out of a house across the alley. The burglary victim stated the bag was an item missing from the residence. Following a pursuit, 38-year-old Stephen E. Lindse3y Jr. was apprehended. Lindsey was transported to the Pettis County Jail and placed on 24-hour pending charges of resisting arrest, 2nd degree burglary, 2nd degree property damage and 2nd degree domestic assault.


18-year-old Sedalia woman arrested for resisting and an active warrant Sunday

At 4:42 Sunday afternoon, Sedalia police located and arrested 18-year-old Jade Buckner of Sedalia on a failure to appear warrant with a $150 cash only bond. As they were trying to handcuff Buckner, she reportedly resisted.  The added charge of resisting arrest added $531.50 to her bond.