Kids, today is our Show Me Honor Flight Radiothon.  We're trying to work with the 40&8 and other veterans groups to send the World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to go see the monuments raised in their honor on the National Mall.

We've been working with them for a little while now, and we hope to get as many tickets paid for as soon as possible.  It can seem like an expensive or long trip for people who've never been, but I wanted to share my experience to show you it can be done and enjoyed quickly.

I got to go a few years back with a friend of mine, so I didn't go with the Honor Flight, but it was still very impressive.  Here's some of the things that the veterans will see.

As you can see, it's all very close together and all very impressive. So, if you can, donate to our Show Me Honor Flight Radiothon. Every little bit helps. You can call 660-827-6397, stop by our station at 2209 South Limit, donate at Freddy's, or any of the Casey's locations. Thanks so much!

Nationally yours,