7 UP[/caption]This week illness struck at home and I haven't felt very great most of this week. There are certain things that I tend to turn to when I feel ill. Chicken Soup is my favorite go to meal. There is something medicinal about it and heartwarming.

However, I love 7UP, but usually when my stomach is off. I often have wondered where this medicinal value really comes from and when I looked it up, I couldn't believe this story that was on todayifoundout.com.

Similar to Coca Cola, 7 UP was originally named after the primary medicinal ingredient it included, lithium citrate- “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”. Obviously such a lengthy name wasn’t ideal on the consumer side of things, so the beverage’s name was quickly shortened to “7 UP Lithiated Lemon Soda”, then chopped to just “7 UP” in 1936.

It’s not clear where the name “7 Up” originally came from, as Grigg never publicly said, except once joking that he invented it to cure the “7 types of hangovers” humans experience.  In 1942, a slightly less tongue and cheek origin of the name was given by a former president of the company in a speech, where he stated Grigg was reading a newspaper and saw an article about the history of cow brands, with one of the brands discussed being a 7 with a “u” slightly to the right and above the 7.  He liked the look of it, so finagled an appropriate name out of a 7 and a “u”.


Regardless on whether it truly is medicinal or not, it certainly eases my stomach. I had some this week and now I have another craving to fulfill, Cherry 7UP.

Is there something that you take that is not medicine that you go to when you're sick?