As the football season is getting down to the nitty gritty, and with playoffs about to start and basketball season right around the corner, we have a question for you: which local school has the most school spirit?

School spirit can be manifested in the exhibition of school colors in dress and decoration, attendance of athletic events or verbally in the form of chants or cheers.

Here at the station we have a couple of Smith-Cotton graduates as well as a solo Warrensburg graduate (myself).  I'm sure you all know how well that goes over.  The rival between Warrensburg and Smith-Cotton has been duly noted. While these two argue over who has more spirit, other schools may have an argument that they are more spirited.

When I think of school spirit, a list instantly pops into my head:

  • Who has the best home court/field advantage?
  • Who has the best chants?
  • Who has the best pep rallies?
  • Who has the best halftime performances? (Band, Cheerleaders, Dance Team, etc.)

Since many of the alumni of their alma mater still live in the area, I am interested to see the results of this poll. Share this with your friends and show your school spirit!