A 15-year-old Smith-Cotton freshman is gearing up for the 2017 Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout, scheduled for Dec. 26-31.

Ramey Racing #28
Ramey Racing #28

Gunner Ramey, son of Chris Ramey, is the driver of the Ramey Racing #28 micro sprint car. He races weekly at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex and other race tracks across the country.

He was recently honored on awards night at Sweet Springs by being fifth in non-wing points for the overall season and was named Most Improved Non-Wing Driver of the Year. But Tulsa is foremost on Gunner's mind right now.

“I'll leave the night of Christmas around 10 o'clock with some friends of ours,” Gunner said. “It's a whole week of busy racing. It's an awesome time, and it's stressful for the drivers ... but it's cool thing."

Gunner is a Sedalia native and has been racing for nine years. He has a facebook page: Ramey Racing #28 which you can check out anytime. We asked Gunner how he got into racing:

“My dad asked me if I wanted to race, and I was young and I thought that sounded awesome. So I said yes. Then we got a four-wheeler and we raced for a couple of years, and now into micros for six years now,” he said. He added that he actually likes traveling around to all the different race tracks. “That's pretty much all I think about,” Gunner noted, adding that he used to play a little soccer before becoming totally immersed in racing.

He will compete against nearly 1,000 other drivers from across the US at Tulsa in the biggest and most prestigious micro race of the year, and we here at KSIS wish him the best of luck.

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