The 2014 Fireball Run is set to come to Sedalia, Mo. this October and will include a team from the area.

This eight-day, 2000 mile trip includes 40 pairs of racers from across the country racing to complete missions and solve trivia, similar to 'The Amazing Race.' Along the way, teams pass out fliers of missing children from their area, making the Fireball Run "The Race to Recover America's Missing Children."

The entire event is filmed, edited into episodes and hosted on the Fireball Run website, where 1.7 million viewers watch the race unfold. Live streaming coverage is also available for parts of the race.

The 2014 Fireball Run will begin in Frisco, Tex. and finish in Independence, Mo., between Sept. 26 and Oct. 4, 2014.  Stops set to take place in the Show-Me State include St. Robert, Columbia, Sedalia and the finish line in Independence. The Fireball Run is due to come through Sedalia on Oct. 3, 2014 along the way.

Sedalia's Ron Ditzfeld, owner of Ditzfeld Transfer, and Rick Yeager, former owner of Yeager's Harley Davidson will be representing the town in the race.

Here is the description of the Fireball Run according to their website.

Fireball Run is an epic 8 day, 14 city, 40 team, 2000 mile life-sized trivia game and America is the game board. To navigate the route and score, teams solve clues based on history, science, nature, theology, and pop-culture- virtually anything in relation to their geographical location. All while in a Race to Recover America's Missing Children.
This will be the 8th year that the Fireball Run has raced. Fireball Run Adventurally Series at Universal Studios Florida is a part live event, part streaming show, and part episodic online TV series. Fireball Run is an 8 day, 14 destination life-altering experience. Although teams drive from location to location it is not a true rally, and it is most definitely not a scavenger hunt. Fireball Run is a life-sized trivial pursuit game; to score teams solve clues and accomplish tasks. The clues are based upon the teams geographical position.

Production crews are expected to begin scouting locations around Sedalia in the next few days and begin shooting footage before the race rolls through town on Oct. 3. Events are expected to be planned welcoming the teams to Sedalia upon their arrival. We'll keep you updated as more information is made available.