Look, people, we've gotta be honest about things. Sedalia isn't for everyone.So if you know someone who might be thinking of moving into our area, you might let them know about some things beforehand. You definitely don't want to move to Sedville if you can't jibe with these.

1.  There's too much love for all things Tiger.

Sedalia School District 200

Smith Cotton Tigers, MU Tigers, tigers are everywhere in all Sedalia schools. If you don't like tigers or if you have some kind of phobia about jungle cats, you better not move here.

2.  You hate the smell of chicken nuggets.


Everybody who comes in and out of Sedalia on the West side knows that when you drive by the Tyson plant, you smell chicken cooking. If you don't like that smell, you better disable your sense of smell or get better at holding your breath for a few minutes.

3. There are too many parks.

Ryan Skaith

Parks! There are so many in Sedalia. If you hate parks, you're gonna hate it here. Centennial Park, Clover Dell Park, Housel Park, Hubbard Park, Katy Park, Liberty Park, Vermont Park... we're loaded with places to see a little green and have some fun. So if you hate nature, swingsets, flowers, and slides... better move it along.

4.  There are too many restaurants to choose from.

There's a saying in Sedalia - "There's a church and a restaurant on every block." If you're indecisive about where to eat and can't choose from literally dozens of Sedalia staples, you're out of luck. Don't move here. There's so much food from so many parts of the world, you'll never be able to choose.

5. You hate the idea of talking to a stranger.

Catherine Yeulet

Well, too late, jackson. If you're going to the store, the car wash, the bank, someone's going to say hello and make eye contact with you. You might even have short conversation. Even if it's just a simple, "How you doin?" you're not going to be able to avoid it. Someone's going to smile at you. If you hate friendliness, forget it. Move elsewhere.

Well, you've been warned.

Cautiously yours,