With temperatures in the 70's this week and and snow a little over a week ago in our area, I thought I'd do so investigating into how often do we get snow in October? I had to go to the National Weather Service and check some records. I didn't find anything for Sedalia so I went to the KC records.

Light snow moved into eastern Kansas and western Missouri on the morning of October 26, 2020 and persisted through most of the day. Most across the KC metro and areas of far northern Missouri saw very little snow from this storm; however the southern Kansas City metro received between 1-3 inches of snow through the day on Monday.

October snows in Kansas City are not completely unheard of, in fact five of the last seven Octobers saw some snow in the Kansas City area (although only three of those five actually saw measurable snow). Since Kansas City records began in 1888 there have only been 17 unique October dates with measurable snow. That equates to roughly once every 7 or 8 years.

Here are some of the biggest October snow events since 1888:

October 22, 1996        6.5 inches (largest single day October snowfall)
October 17-18, 1898   4.3 inches
October 24, 1908        4.0 inches
October 28, 1913        2.0 inches
October 25, 1898        1.5 inch
October 31, 1912        1.0 inch
October 26, 1913        1.0 inch
October 26, 1997        1.0 inch
October 30, 2019        0.9 inch (Remember last year having 1" of snow on the ground for Halloween?)
October 26, 2020       0.9 inch
It is noteworthy that the October 26, 2020 event did not receive even a daily record - 1 inch in 1997 is the record for October 26.
So, while snow in not only Sedalia but also in Kansas City in October is not exactly an incredibly rare occurrence.

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