Last month, a 90-year-old decorated World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veteran in Wishek, North Dakota named Harold Krueger lost his wife of 63 years, and has understandably been pretty down about it. But one of his daughters helped cheer him up in a pretty amazing way.

Before she passed, Harold's wife was planning to throw him a big 90th birthday party.  So his daughter took over the planning, and she also added a cool idea. She wanted to see if she could lift his spirits by talking about him on Facebook, and asking her friends to send birthday cards.

Harold's story started blowing up online, and this past Sunday, his daughter posted a Facebook update to announce Harold has now received over 1,000 cards from people in 48 states.  Every morning, he goes to the post office at 9:30 a.m. to pick up even more. Harold says the cards that have cheered him up the most are the ones from elementary school kids, thanking him for his service.

This is a pretty awesome story, and think it's great that people are able to have a hand in showing some love to one of our nation's heroes.

If you want to help make Harold's day, you can send him a letter or card:

Harold Krueger
P.O. Box 176
Wishek, North Dakota, 58495

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