Denny and I headed to Council Bluffs, Iowa this weekend, and part of the allure of the town is the nearby casinos.  While I am not the biggest gambler in the world, I do like to go to the boats from time to time. I told Denny one of my great superstitions.

Whenever I have gone into a casino and wore any type of station memorabilia, I have won, and when I have not, I have not.   He thought that was funny, so I wore my gear on Saturday night and I won about $10. Not a lot to brag about, but hey, I came out ahead.   On Sunday we headed back out for a bit. This time I did not have the station clothing, and I lost.

I do plan to put this together and put this to a test again in the future. Sooner, rather than later. So my question to you is, what superstition do you have? When you go out to the casinos, what brings you Lady Luck?

This weekend was a whirlwind from being a Whiteman Air Force Base's Wings Over Whiteman to being in Council Bluffs, Iowa for the Mid Mo Outlaws football game. Sam and I headed to Whiteman to introduce him to Johnson County public.  I think he enjoyed his time there, as you can tell by his blog post.

In the future we are going to be doing pieces on cities within our listening area, so figured might as well start in my hometown of Knob Noster.  I think he enjoyed seeing how life is centered around a four way street, but still seeing the progress that is being made.  We'll have more on that later.   I'm rambling here, but with little sleep that happens.