Thousands of spectators arrived at Whiteman Air Force Base for the annual Wings Over Whiteman Air Show over the weekend.  Despite the windy conditions, aviation fans were treated to a great spectacle of various planes, including the popular B-2.

As a new resident of Sedalia, I was excited to run over to Knob Knoster and check out the air force base for the first time.  The military personnel were happy to show us around and shuttle Doug and I back and forth across the base.  We were able to meet up with Brigadier General Scott A. Vander Hamm to discuss the history of the air show and the unique opportunity the show provides for civilians to view military aircraft up close.

UPDATE: The guys over at AirshowStuff online magazine were kind enough to share some of their photos from the air show.  The aerial photos in this gallery were taken by photographer Chad Grosvenor.  You can check out their magazine with lots of aerial photography right here, and look for the issue that includes Wings Over Whiteman 2012 in mid-June.


Did you go to Wings Over Whiteman over the weekend?  What was your favorite part of the show?