I gotta say, every time Boyfriendo and I see the commercial for the new TV show "America's Funniest Fails",  he always remarks about how he NEEDS to see that show.


Why is it so easy to find joy in other people getting hurt?  It can't be because we're all EVIL at our most primal, right?  RIGHT?

We started a discussion online among friends (all anonymous, don't worry!) about the STUPIDEST ways people have injured themselves.  Here are six of the best ones . . .

1.  "I dropped the shampoo in the shower and bent over to pick it up.  My butt cheeks touched the freezing cold shower door and I shot forward and headbutted the wall.  It hurt, and I probably should've been knocked out."

2.  "I was reading in bed, lying on my back, holding the book up . . . but I was tired and dropped the book on my face.  I needed stitches."

3.  "I pulled a groin muscle playing bowling on Nintendo Wii."

4.  "I needed three stitches when I caught my finger in the binding of my company's accident prevention plan manual."

5.  "I was in class and had a sneezing fit.  I sneezed so hard it knocked me forward so I hit my nose on the desk.  That knocked me backwards, made my chair flip over, and I hit my head on the floor.  I was unconscious and bleeding."

6.  "My friend tried to do a 'Dukes of Hazzard' slide across the hood of a car and pierced his butt cheek on a rusty windshield wiper.

So for me... once I ended up punching myself in the nose while trying to open some chips.


Okay, we've all done it.  We've all tried to open a plastic package of scissors and end up cutting yourself or something silly like that.  SO 'FESS UP.  Tell me all about the stupidest things you've done that ended up hurting yourself in our  new survey.  Get some points to get prizes and we'll all laugh together about it on the air.

Injuredly yours,



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