Well, I've been back this week after two whole weeks of vacation - that's the longest I've ever taken off work!  Usually I'm only gone a week or so, but now it's over.  I've missed picking your brains on our Enquiring Minds surveys.That is definitely something I kept catching myself doing - I would try to shut off the station and just relax, but every  now and then I'd think, "I should ask them this...."   And you guys definitely came to the answer rescue!

On Monday I was feeling the drag of not quite getting enough sleep.  I had allowed myself to slip out of my normal routine while I was off.  I guess being a morning person doesn't come to me naturally.  Which got me to thinking - what's your natural internal clock say? Are you morning person, a night owl, or something in between?

I am more of a morning person, I seem to accomplish more early in the day. My husband however is a night person and I find myself staying up late with him which makes it difficult to get up early.

Boyfriendo is the same way. He would stay up to all hours if he could!

I am totally a night owl, but living with a morning person. We have our discussions about it, but he's usually wrong!!!

HA! Yeah, I'm sure Boyfriendo says the same thing about me!

Afternoon person. Yes. I am always keeping grand kids overnight and they get up early.

That's something that I'm also familiar with - kids getting up early! Geez, why don't they like sleep!?

On Tuesday, I asked you guys about the thing that's pretty important to kids this time of year:  The Presents.  While I know I didn't want to act greedy, I always had a secret wish for a certain toy every year.   I remember wanting things like a Teddy Ruxpin, Rainbow Brites, and of course..............JEM.


Oh, Jem.  She was truly, truly outrageous.  I never did get a Teddy Ruxpin (they were expensive, I understood) but it didn't stop me from WANTING it.  So I asked you guys about the toys you wanted for Christmas when you were a kid.

I had the GI Joes with the felt hair, you know, the hair that wasn't plastic.  I also really wanted an Evel Kneivel doll - or, action figure.  I got it, and the other dolls kept trying to beat him up since he was smaller than the rest.

Well, not every doll can break every bone in their action figure body.

I was a barbie fanatic. Wanted everything. The clothes, cars, house, pool. Anything barbie.

I was a completest like that, but with My Little Pony. I wanted so many ponies, jeeeeez. I didn't GET them all, but I wanted them, alright.

when I was kid I would have to say most wanted was legos something about making that models and getting them to look right that was fun

Every kid goes though a Lego phase, I think. It's normal!

On Wednesday, I asked you about a new law that's being debated in O'Fallon, Missouri.  It basically makes doing things while you're driving......other than DRIVING, like using the phone or brushing your hair or eating a bowl of cereal, a traffic offense.  Do you think there should be an "inattentive driving" law? What do you consider "inattentive driving"?   Everyone was pretty much on board with this idea.

Yes i do. Eating, texting or talking on the phone is "inattentive" and down right dangerous.

yes, reading your facebook while driving

I think it's a good idea if the person is swerving cuz of putting on makeup or texting.

I suppose you guys are right, although I'd want to be sure that there was a clear line drawn. Maybe it should be clarified to mean that the car has to be in motion or something. Sitting at a stoplight and drinking coffee with a lid in their car, that might not be dangerous.

On Thursday I asked a question that came from a story I got told - about some annoying habits when people are watching movies at home. What are some of the things people do when you watch movies at home that annoy you? Is it okay to tell them to stop?

I think it is ok to tell them to stop. You can be nice about it. My husband talks through MY movies. "oh, that can't happen", or "I seen this, that girl dies," even though he hasn't seen it. He makes fun of everything. Especially chick flicks. Constantly commenting. I am like shut up!

Jeezy creezy! Maybe you should do that to him and see how HE likes it!

belch out loud
chew with their mouth open yes it is ok to tell them to stop

Boyfriendo does like to do all those things, at all times.

talk, eat, breathe

So in other words.... you like watching movies alone.

Anyway, that's it for this week's Enquiring Minds. But, I'll have a bunch of brand new ones starting up again on Monday. Make sure you go back and take any of the other surveys you may have missed and you'll get points to win prizes!

Curiously yours,