One of the things we always stress to little ones is to read and keep reading.  And that's great, it's absolutely essential.  But the kids aren't the only ones who need to read.

A new study in the journal "Science" says reading can develop your "theory of mind," which is basically your ability to guess what other people are thinking and feeling.  But popular fiction won't do it.  It has to be real literature, written by SMART PEOPLE.  Now that the Internet's everywhere, and we all carry computers in our pockets, it's easy to think old-fashioned paper books are obsolete.  But new studies show there are a TON of other benefits to reading books, besides just making it through a holiday flight on a budget airline.  Here's a list of benefits you might not know about:  It reduces stress,  It keeps you sharp in your old age, You sleep better,  It can increase empathy, and  It can relieve depression.  So what have you got to lose?  NOTHING.   I got to talk with Jackie Oliphant of the Boonslick Regional Library about the adult winter reading program, but not only that.  We also talked about the data base of the month,  Ancestry Library Edition, and story time programs that begin in February.

You can still find out more about the reading clubs, the e-book collection, the or any of their other events by going to their website.  For more information, call 827-READ.

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