Bothwell Regional Health Center will host a class in April to help area residents deal with the stress of everyday life.

The class, entitled Taking Care of You, is described as a multi-session program by the Pettis County University of Missouri Extension that provides practical ways to help deal with the stress of life.

The programs lasts for 4 session and will meet twice weekly for two hours each.

Dates and times for the sessions are April 10, 12, 17, and 19, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. The program will take place in the Bothwell Education Center, located at 600 E. 14th Street.

The cost for the program is $25.00.

Melissa Cotton, a nutrition and health education specialist for the Pettis County MU Extension, said the program will offer practical ways to help handle stress. “Managing life’s challenges in a healthy way allows you to take better care of yourself and your overall health,” Cotton said. “Each week we will explore topics through small-group discussion, self-reflection and activities designed to help you deal with stress in your life.” Some of the strategies include:

- Take better care of all aspects of your health – body, mind and spirit.

- Become more aware of the mind-body connection and how to use it for better health.

- Respond versus react to the stress in your life.

- Discover opportunities in life’s challenges.

- Develop habits that can lead to a healthier you.

- Find ways to bring more joy into your life.

- Simplify your life

- Live more in the moment

Bothwell Education Center
Kurt Parsons

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