Ok, simple question.  Can you catch up on sleep? 

I posed that question to myself because today, I am feeling a little rougher than I normally am.  Allow me to explain.

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I am usually in bed by 8pm.  On the weekends, maybe I can make it until 10pm, but that is rare, as my eyes and body start to get heavy and my bed calls.  When you get up at 4:30AM Monday thru Friday, Even being able to sleep in, doesn't really happen.  I could not tell you the last time I was able to sleep soundly to perhaps 9am.  It is rare for me.  Morning radio can do that to you.

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Last night I was hanging out with my colleague Mike Pettis and we were watching an AEW Pay-Per View.  It began at 6pm and didn't end until close to 11pm.  If this was a normal Sunday I would have been in bed by 8pm.  By the time I got home and hit the pillow, and brushed my teeth, it was about 10 after.  At best I was going to 5 hours of sound sleep.  That didn't happen.

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Many of you know, you need to give your body a little time to wind down.  We don't always immediately fall asleep.  Plus, I ate later than normal, and my body clock was just off.  Thank goodness for coffee this morning.  And usually I can function on short sleep the next day, but the day after can be tough.

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So again, I ask the question...Can You Catch Up On Sleep?  Answer...sort of.  SleepFoundation.org had a nice article and you can read that HERE.  There are some tips of little things you can do.  Yes, a nap will be involved.  Healthline.com also had some advice and you can read their thoughts HERE.

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For me, I really try and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night so I can function without too much difficulty.  I try not to rely on coffee or caffeine boosters unless I have to.  This morning I had to.  But I can take a nap today, prepare for the ACM's and go to bed earlier this week.  Hopefully it will do the trick.

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