Can you get a rain check from your movie theater due to the weather? It's a question I hadn't pondered until I saw B&B Theatres Galaxy 10 Facebook post.

Then again, that's a rather recent problem that happened when movie theaters started offering advance ticket sales and online ticket ordering. Because, before that, you'd head over to the theater, get there twenty or thirty minutes before showtime and just buy your tickets at the door. It was simple, if you couldn't get out of your house, you weren't going to the movies.

B&B Theatres, operator of the Sedalia Galaxy 10 Theatres, policy is that they don't offer rain checks due to snow, ice, or other weather-related circumstances unless they can't open the theater or the Governor issues a state of emergency. In those instances, tickets can be exchanged or refunded in person at the theater box office up to thirty days after the showing.

Tickets, however, can always be refunded through the B&B Theatres refund link that is sent to purchasers with the e-mail confirmation they have purchased tickets for a show. Refunds are offered up to two hours before showtime. Ticket holders can also get a refund at the box office before showtime.

AMC Theatres, operator of the AMC CLASSIC Warrensburg 10, doesn't address not being able to get to a movie because of the weather specifically. But according to their website, they will refund a ticket online anytime before the printed showtime on the ticket.

So the upshot is this, for B&B Theatres, if you know you can't make a show you can get a ticket refund up to two hours before showtime. For AMC Theatres, you can get a refund online up until showtime. And these refund policies cover you for anything, not just the weather.

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