Casey's at 16th and Grand in Sedalia had their grand reopening last Friday (Oct. 18). This Casey's extended their store out to bring in new restrooms, a new walk-in freezer for the adult beverages and a new made to order sub shop. The Casey's at 16th and Grand will remain open 24 hours a day and employ a few more people to run the pizza and sub shop.

In addition to the changes, the Casey's also added more coffee choices with the coffee bar and placed the doughnut rack next to it in the middle of the store.

I certainly enjoy the new choices that makes the store more comparable to the new one on South 65 in choices. Customers really enjoyed the free coffee and coming out to sample the new sandwiches.

Casey's is currently doing fundraising for St. Jude, and coming up in November, they will be putting out the change jars to benefit the Show-Me Honor Flight that allows World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans the chance to see their memorials in Washington D.C.

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