Casey's has a brand new location in Sedalia with a bigger store.  Casey's General Store has officially opened up on South Limit in Sedalia and is next to Best Western and Patricia's. The old store on 32nd and Clinton has closed down and this one has increased the gas pumps from four pumps to 16.

In addition to the new pumps, the larger storefront offers more parking, so customers that want a quick bite to eat in the new Deli section can come in. This Casey's will also be open 24 hours per day, seven days per week, with the exception of Christmas and maybe a few other holidays.

Currently there are 20 employees in the store and they plan to increase this up to 25 in the near future. This store is now the largest Casey's in Sedalia.

The main difference in the store, other than size, is that they have the new deli that offers sub sandwiches, burgers, pizza and more. There is also a few tables that customers can sit and dine at. The fountain drinks has also increased and there is a walk in cooler for the adult beverages.

Everyone who came in on Thursday and Friday really enjoyed the experience and look forward to coming back again.

Here are some of the photos from the Grand Opening Celebration of the new Casey's.


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