The Center for Human Services (CHS) has announced to close the Bloomin' Gardens  Greenhouse.

In 2012, CHS began an employment business model by opening the greenhouse. With donations from the estates of Robert W. and Mark W. Mason, the center was able to construct a 5,760 square foot greenhouse, according to a press release from CHS. The greenhouse was named as The Robert W. and Mark W. Mason Horticultural Training Center.

At that time, the business provided community-based employment for 6-12 individuals with disabilities and was developed as a “transition” site to assist people who were working in the Sheltered Workshop to try a community job in a group employment setting.

CHS says over the past 6 years, several changes have been scene at the Federal and State level regarding employment for people with disabilities. As such, CHS transitioned from a group employment model to an individual employment model.

At the same time, CHS says the retail competition has grown in Sedalia and the center has struggled to compete with that business sector.

On July 31, the Board of Directors made the decision to close the CHS Bloomin’ Gardens Greenhouse, which becomes effective August 31, 2018.

CHS noted the decision was made following several months of discussions and careful consideration of the center's mission and vision, fiscal considerations, as well as changes in State and Federal legislation.

Currently, CHS is working with the donor on a plan to repurpose the Bloomin’ Gardens Greenhouse and will announce plans when they are finalized.

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