The Smith-Cotton Activities Office has been working with the Central Missouri Activities
Conference (CMAC) to develop a set of guidelines for fan attendance at fall sport and activity events.

Every effort has been made to adhere to local health guidelines and to keep up with the
latest information coming out of all governmental health organizations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Simultaneously, we also recognize the importance of community and student body involvement with our events and the importance of family members being able to watch their athletes and participants compete.

These factors, along with the number one priority of keeping our students, coaches, and community safe, led us in the development of the guidelines below.

● Attendance at Football, Soccer, and Volleyball games in Sedalia will be limited to 50 percent of the venue’s capacity for that sport.
● At this time, there will be no limit on spectators at Golf, Cross-Country, Tennis, and
Softball. It is our belief that those venues have enough room to allow for appropriate
social distancing considering the typical numbers that have attended these events in the
● At this time, attendance guidelines for Boys Swimming events are still being determined.
● Guidelines for attendance are subject to change based on changes in the state of the
pandemic, changing health department orders, and observational information gathered at events.
● Attendance guidelines for events out of town will be established by the home schools and will vary from location to location. Information for each contest will be updated on our school’s athletic web page and given to our head coaches/sponsors for dissemination as soon as it becomes available to us.

Entry Passes and Fan Admittance
● There will not be any general admission availability for Football, Soccer, and Volleyball contests in Sedalia. All admission to these events in Sedalia, as well as these events (and potentially others) at the other CMAC schools, will only be allowed for those with Entry Passes.
● Each participant involved with Band, Cheer, Dance, Football, Boys Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball will receive eight (8) numbered Entry Passes. Students and their families will be responsible for distributing the tickets to whom they wish.
● These passes will be necessary to purchase tickets at the gate for ALL home games as well as CMAC games on the road.
● Not all Entry Passes will be usable at all events. The number of Entry Passes available for each game will range from 0-8 as determined by the home school’s current guidelines.

For example: at a Tuesday night Volleyball game in Sedalia, we may allow 4 entry passes per participant. They would distribute their 4 passes (#1-#4) to whom they wish to be able to purchase tickets. The next night we may have a game in Columbia and their guidelines only allow 2 entry passes per participant. Students would need to collect
tickets #3 and #4 or be sure to inform the holders that those tickets are not valid for that
particular game.
● Entry passes must be used sequentially. If local guidelines allow for the use of two entry passes, you must use #1 and #2 (#3-#8 will not be accepted). If four passes are allowed, you must use #1-#4 (#5-#8 will not be accepted), and so on.
● Non-Conference road game admission procedures will vary from location to location.
Information for each contest will be updated on our school’s athletic webpage and given
to our head coaches/sponsors for dissemination as soon as it becomes available to us.
● Non-Conference visitors coming to Sedalia will be sent an Entry Voucher in the form of a PDF document. Their school will be notified of the number of vouchers to print off per participant and are responsible for distributing those vouchers as they see fit. When Entry Vouchers for non-conference visitors are presented at the gate, they will be kept and disposed of.
● Lost or stolen Entry Passes will not be replaced.
● Entry Passes and Vouchers should not be confused with free passes. Entry Passes and Vouchers must be presented at the gate which will allow you to purchase admission.
● Any intentional misuse of Entry Passes or Vouchers may result in having your Entry Pass privileges revoked.
● There will be separate admission procedures for MSHSAA Championship contests. That information will be distributed when available.

Spectator Expectations
● Masks, gaiters, or other appropriate face covering is mandatory for all spectators. If you are seated alone or with members of your household and are able to keep 6 feet of
physical distancing between yourself and those around you, you may remove your mask.
● When entering and exiting each facility, visiting restrooms, etc., you must have your
mask on and stay physically distant from those around you when possible.
● Congregating in common areas is prohibited.

Traditional S-C Activity Passes
● Traditional S-C Activity Passes will not be available during the fall sports season.
Everyone is required to pay full admission price to each game.
● S-C Activity Passes could be made available for purchase for the winter and/or spring
sports season depending on spectator and attendance guidelines at the time.

● Until further notice, there will be no concession sales at events in Sedalia.
● Outside food and drink will be permissible until concession stands reopen.
● Please be sure to throw away any trash you create when bringing in outside food and

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