The Sedalia City Council wrapped up their business in 30 minutes Monday night, reviewing city livestock codes as well as passing several ordinances pertaining to public works, public safety and finance.

Under public works, Council:

*Approved a $16,025.71 change order for the Downtown Streetscape, Phase 4 project from Rhad Baker Construction, LLC. As was explained by Councilman Jeff Leeman, there are interference issues with existing water, sewer and storm drain lines. So there is an added cost to move and relocate the infrastructure to accommodate the construction. This second change order brings the total for the project to $1,027,739.71.

*Approved a $21,074 change order from Phillips Hardy, Inc., for installation of a temporary access road for use by first responders at the Sedalia Rail Industrial Park. This will allow emergency personnel to access the northeast quadrant of the City, when Saline Street is closed to through traffic due to construction of a $10 million rail spur for Nucor Steel.

*Approved a $17,232.95 change order from S & A Equipment and Builders to install a fence and make other improvements to the Katy Trail Connection Project. The cost is covered through the grant funding availability, Leeman noted. Installation of a fence at the Katy Trail Depot Head and South Hancock will make the trail area more defined and separate from private property, and cause less confusion with motorists who might mistake the trail for a road. Also, the concrete approach at the parking area is broken and needs to be replaced.

*Approved a $36,677 quote from Meyer Electric Co, Inc., to wire 21 decorative lights and pull boxes for the Downtown Streetscape Phase 4 Project. The actual lights were approved for purchase on from Evergy on July 6.

Under community development, Council:

*Reviewed and discussed city code regulations pertaining to livestock, particularly ducks and chickens.

Two citizens asked the Council to review and loosen the regulations, which state that a lot containing such animals (also horses, ponies, mules, cattle and fowl) must be at least 20,000 square feet in size, with no more than 25 domestic chickens, geese, ducks or turkeys, with a 100-foot buffer zone from neighboring properties.

The citizens making the request want to keep chickens and/or ducks on a smaller lot.

Council agreed to let the Planning and Zoning Commission review the situation and make a recommendation to Council at a later date.

Under public safety:

*Council adopted a resolution explaining the need to increase expenditures beyond the current budget pertaining to a Department of Justice grant to cover the cost of items designed to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. Such items include masks, coveralls, boots, safety glasses, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. The Sedalia Police Department applied for the grant. The resolution complies with state statute.

Under finance and administration, Council:

*Approved a one-year renewal of licensing and support for VMware Essentials Plus through Shi International Corp. The software allows for virtual servers within the network of the City's computers to allow for multitasking. The cost is $1,140.06.

One liquor license was renewed Monday night for Tom Adermann dba Best Western State Fair Motor Inn, 3120 South Limit for Liquor by the Drink, $450.

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