From many reports across the internet, I've seen that comfort food consumption is up in numbers. Go figure. With the coronavirus most people are either stressing out more or just totally freaking out! And of course closely related with either mannerism is the urge to eat something that's satisfying to them. For me it would be something sweet!

So let's jump on the candy bandwagon and take a spin around the block. Are you eating more of the sugary stuff? I know when you speak of candy I definitely have my favorites. So join me as we explore our favorites a kid.

Time to check in with our sweet tooth. As a child we always had a go-to piece of candy. It might have been a piece of penny candy, a candy bar, or a stick of gum. Now kids, pay attention...back in the day there was such a thing as penny candy.  That's right, those little brown coins were used to buy a days worth of treats.  You could go in with a handful of coins and come out with a bag of sweets that would make a dentist cringe.

You had Atomic Fireballs, Sugar Daddy and Milk Cow suckers, Milkshake candy bars, candy cigarettes, bubblegum cigars, Necco Wafers, cinnamon toothpicks (both store bought and homemade) and much, much more.

Different packs of a gum for a nickel like Black Jack, Clove and Beemans. You could pull out a pack of Big League Chew bubblegum and be like your favorite ball player. Maybe it was a Chunky Candy bar, a Mallo Cup, or a Lincoln Logs Peanut Bar.

Whatever your favorite treat was as a kid, it's a taste and a memory that will never be reproduced.

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