Smartphones are making people lazy. Sure you’ve heard that one before but as it happens, researchers at the University of Waterloo say it's likely to be true, at least for intuitive thinkers.

These are the folks who rely more on their gut to make decisions. Co-lead study author Gordon Pennycook says that the problem with intuitive thinkers is that they’re more prone to search for an answer to some question on their smartphones rather than just coming up with a response on their own.

Pennycook believes they fall into an all-too easy trap of checking their devices even if they know the answer or could just use a little extra brainpower to figure it out on their own.  Meanwhile, people who are considered analytical thinkers, that is, demonstrating stronger cognitive skills, are more apt not to consult their phones while problem solving.

Pennycook and co-author Nathaniel Barr aren’t willing to go as far to say that smartphones will result in decreasing intelligence.  However, they do think that more reliance on smartphones and other devices for quick answers might weaken the brain as people age.

What do you think?  Are we too dependent on our Smartphones?  Do you think Smartphones and the Internet have made us a little lazier?  Tell me what you think and we'll share your answers on the air !

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