Fiber optics was the reason given for two necessitated change orders approved at Monday night's Sedalia City Council meeting.

One involved water lines being installed for Nucor Sedalia needing to be re-routed from Henry to Clay Street due to newly-installed fiber optics in the same easement space where water lines were planned, explained Councilwoman Megan Page.

The change will add $37,593 to the cost of the project, for a total of $357,134. Council approved the change order.

The other change order involves a MoDOT right-of-way where water lines are being installed along Broadway. The same problem exists there. Fiber optics were installed since the project was originally approved in 2014.

City Administrator Kelvin Shaw explained that in order to save the roots of mature trees and also avoiding tearing up new sidewalks in the area, moving the water lines is preferable. Shaw added that the City has been working with KAT Excavation, Inc., to come up with alternatives since the problem arose.

The added cost to the project is $112,203, bringing the total amount to $646,545.57.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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