The Warrensburg 'First Fridays Art Walk' returns November 3, with a dozen venues and more than 50 artists, creators, and musicians involved.

Organizer Jay Linhardt said this month’s 'Art Walk' could see a shift indoors due to colder temperatures.

“One of three major components of the Art Walk is the venues, and having customers check out their establishments is the benefit for the participating businesses,” Linhardt said. “We had a lot of nice weather this year so it is totally understandable things would gravitate toward the sidewalk. I believe the feel of the Art Walk will change with the seasons, and being inside in December listening to some Christmas carolers will be easily preferable for everyone involved.”

Linhardt expects to see more people downtown this month with a stronger music lineup to add to the draw. Attendance was average for October, in terms of patrons visiting the 'Art Walk.' Linhardt said it seems the local art community is really coming together for November.

“Everyone seems to be getting the hang of it, so it's a lot less work organizing things,” Linhardt said of participants. “Also, several of the businesses have put some work into promoting their own stops on the Walk, helping hire better bands, and advertising the event.  If that trend continues it will really up our game.”

As events spring-up and artists from different groups come together, the 'Art Walk' benefits groups such as the Warrensburg Arts Collective, the Warrensburg Arts Commission, and more. Linhardt attributes those successes to the people who make up the groups and host events.

“Everyone I know who is out there creating opportunities for the arts in our community, it's really due to them,” he said of the successes. “They have a lot going on, and for the vast majority of them it's a labor of love. Sure we've definitely made some progress, but if more people would get involved in these community groups and events we could move things along much faster and up the quality level across the board.”

Visitors to downtown Warrensburg are encouraged to grab a schedule and stop at each business hosting musicians and vendors – buy some art, tip the band or buy a CD. Attendees can also browse the retailers and enjoy a beverage. Linhardt says all of it helps keeps the 'Art Walks' going.

This month’s Art Walk includes a feature of Sandra Diamond at the Old Drum Coffee House, which includes a lot of new art. AJ Gaither is a one-man-band performing at Muddy Creek BBQ, and Manda Shea and The Sumpthin Bros. are at The Gallery Artist Cooperative.

The path of the Art Walk makes a “U” shape from Old Barney’s on Hout Street near the courthouse, south on North Holden Street, and then west on West Pine Street at Rudy’s Frame Shop. Maps are available at many of the venues along the route.

The event kicks-off Friday evening at 6:00 in downtown Warrensburg.

Warrensburg, MO
Kurt Parsons

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