What's your favorite food that you can only get in Sedalia? Here are a handful that immediately come to mind, but we bet we could come up with a lot more.

  • Cup of sweet onion soup at Malone's Irish Pub
  • Guberburger Combo from Goody's Steakburgers
  • Papa Jake's donuts!
  • Miss Piggy at Kehde's Barbecue
  • $7.99 steak dinner special at Dukes and Boots

The late Frank Powell, who was our newsman years ago, once told me that many years ago Sedalia had a pizza restaurant that a former governor was really enthusiastic about. In fact, so enthusiastic that this governor told a staffer that the best pizza he'd ever had was from this restaurant (I don't remember the name of the restaurant, this was long before I ever came to town). Long story short, the governor's office contacted the restaurant and asked them to make up some pizzas for the governor, which they did. The pizzas were prepared, then sent to Jefferson City and baked. It was take-and-bake years ahead of take-and-bake actually being a thing. Frank and a friend ended up delivering the pizzas to the governor's mansion and eating pizza with the governor.

What's your favorite food? What's your favorite place to get your favorite food? What should be added to our list? Write in your choices for the best foods in Sedalia below!

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