My food adventures in Sedalia continues and this time it brought my co-workers to a little place called Clara's North 65 Cafe.  I remember passing this place when I first got into town.  I have always like cafe's for some reason.  I sometimes call them greasy spoons.  Usually there are all family owned, with homemade dishes and desserts, with a personal story attached.  Check, Check, and Check.

For anyone who doesn't know the back story of Clara's, you can click HERE to learn more.  It is a cool story about how Clara arrived here.  They are located at 22938 No. 65 Hwy.  Phone  660-829-3322  • Hours  Mon. – Sat. 6 a.m. – 2 p.m.  

So lets begin with the food:

attachment-Bacon Double

When I go to a place like this, I like to order a burger.  I find this to be a good gauge on the food quality.  If a simple burger is cooked well, the other foods will follow.  I went with the Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Tater Tots.  Bacon was crisp. Toppings and all sauces come on the side.  I think I would put the basic sauces on the burger ahead of time, toppings too.  They will cook burger to temperature.  I went with medium, I think it came out Med Well, I might go mid rare next time.


Clara's have daily specials, and on this day a Reuben sandwich was available. Two of our party ordered this sandwich.  Corned beef was enjoyed, but both felt that the 1000 Island sauce that normally comes with this sandwich was lacking.  I think if this was added, this could become a more often offered special.  Fries were fabulous by the way, just the right amount of crispiness and salt.


Breakfast is served all day, and I will be back for a breakfast dish after seeing what our sales lady Lori had.  Breakfast plate with bacon, 2 eggs, breakfast potatoes, and toast.  Very happy Lori! I sampled the breakfast potatoes.  Home run!

attachment-Country Fried Steak

A dinner plate of country friend steak was order by newsman Randy.  Only suggestion was that more gravy was needed, and a bit more salt and pepper.  But a well prepared steak, and corn was tasty too.  Can't skimp on the gravy!

attachment-chicken breast

Rob ordered the fried chicken breast sandwich, with cheese and tots.  He chose to have it plain, and it got high marks. Breading was well received, and had the right amount of spice.

attachment-Apple Pie
attachment-Lemon Pie
attachment-Chocolate pie

Could not leave Clara's without getting dessert.  Above are the three pies that were available at the time.  Apple, Lemon, and Chocolate.  All homemade, all delicious.  Menu says cherry and pecan are also available.  If they are, ORDER them.  For the crust alone.

I think I need to return to try a breakfast option, as I am a sucker for a good omelet.  Overall, this is a place that needs to be tried.  Oh, and the owner much have a sense of humor.  This sign below was on the men's room.  It made me laugh.

attachment-Untitled (11)

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