Do you  remember the rectangle slices of pizza you'd get at school? As a young kid I didn't get hot lunch that day. I was strictly a cheese pizza eater, and the school lunch room pizza had something on it that was supposed to resemble sausage so I skipped it. Until one day I forgot my lunch and got a hot lunch slip. My jones for school pizza began there. It's a unique kind of pizza taste. One that I find oddly goes well with milk. It's a pizza that seems unavailable unless your a kid or work in a school that serves it. Apparently, we can recreate this pizza at home.

I recently stumbled across a website devoted to the recipe of the rectangle hunks of cheese, meat, sauce and crust that would fit neatly in those compartmentalized school lunch trays. You can find the recipe at if you're inclined to try it.

My school pizza jones though went beyond grade school though. My high school offered a similar pizza through Marriott Food Services, which ran our cafeteria. It didn't matter if it was fresh, piled with thin crumbles of sausage, or if it looked like it was dried out slice that had been sitting around since the first lunch period. If I had a $1.50 in my pocket, I was buying a slice. It is worth mentioning, generally, this version of school pizza seemed, a little more like pizza, than the one's served at my grade school.

I must not be alone in waxing nostalgic about school pizza. I did a google search on school pizza recipe and got a lot of different websites offering recipes that do everything from try to recreate that unique pizza, to recipes that are inspired by the rectangle slices that try to do it one better.

Another school pizza recipe I want to try comes from which procalims, "high-end, quality pizza, this is not. This is your deliciously cheesy, tasty, greasy, eat-it-in-shame, so-bad-it’s-good sort of pizza. Don’t dive in expecting chewy, crispy, pillowy crust and high-quality toppings." That's exactly the type of pizza I remember. And the kind of pizza I want to make if I'm going for a pizza reminiscent of what I ate in school. That said, I think I'd skip the milk.

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