Wonder what happened to the Murder Hornets that were supposed to invade the United States in the spring? Well, they must've been held up at the border by security because from what I've heard they never came into the states. At least they didn't seem to make their way into the Midwest.

Now it's another bug problem. One that we had to deal with three years ago. Japanese Beetles.

You might find them on flowers, trees, plants. There are posts asking how to get rid of the pesky bugs, but what seems to be the best remedy?

You may be driving down the highway and you feel like you are being dive-bombed by the little critters. For now it doesn't seem to be as bad as back in 2017.

Back then You could see them flying into your car. It was almost like something from a sci-fi movie. Because they are strong fliers and frequently move about, by season’s end, adults are capable of having traveled many miles from where they lived as grubs. Japanese beetle adults are active for about 6 weeks in the summer.

Adult Japanese beetles are about a half-inch long and metallic green in color with bronze- or copper-colored wing covers. Groups of beetles feed on corn’s green silks and tassels, foliage of soybeans, and the fruit and foliage of more than 400 flowers, shrubs and trees.

So Murder Hornets are in the rear view mirror and now it's back to the Japanese Beetles. What's next?

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