If you were going to visit Sedalia for the first time, what would you want to know? Carolyn Crooker, executive director of the Sedalia Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, shared some of the common (and a few of the not-so-common) questions her office has received from visitors.

Common questions:

• Where’s a good place to eat?
• Do you recommend any hotels?
• Are there any hotels within walking distance of the MO State Fairgrounds?
• Directions to just about everything.
• Directions to the AMTRAK station especially.
• Phone number for the license bureau.
• Phone number for the local Social Security Office.
• Directions for traveling east on the Katy Trail.
• New resident questions about housing, jobs, schools, etc.
• What is Sedalia’s main industry?
• When was the Katy Depot built?
• What is going on with the Trust Building?
• What is the B-2?
• Where is Whiteman AFB?
• What are the hours for the Bothwell Lodge?
• What happened to the Katy Bear?
• Where is the Pettis County Historical Museum?
• State fair dates, admission fees, grandstand acts.
• When bringing young children to Sedalia what is available to entertain them any day of the week?
• If we get off the Amtrak what is there to do for a few hours within walking distance?
• Is there a shuttle from the Amtrak station?
• When riding Amtrak to Sedalia is there a bus running South to Springfield?

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