Lance Gardner is our Central Bank of Sedalia's Unsung Hero for September!

Lance has been a driver for the Salvation Army for a little over ten years. He's been involved with the Salvation Army since he was small, and it only made sense for him to stay with the Salvation Army and help whenever they needed it. Lance spends about twenty hours a week driving to the food banks and helping with the canteen. He's driven supplies all over the state and even Iowa to help the locations the Salvation Army serves, in all weather conditions.


Lance and his wife have raised five boys here in Sedalia, and he retired from Gardner Denver in 1998. He was asked to volunteer, and never looked back, saying "It's something to do!" He says even though things are a little harder with COVID, he's going to continue volunteering because he loves the people he works with. He was quick to point out even though he's a volunteer, they treat him like an employee. He was also happy to mention Megan Hudson and Karen Parks as workers he thinks are great.

Here's what his nominator said about Lance:

“Lance has been a volunteer driver for the Salvation Army Operations here in Sedalia for over 10 years. He goes to the food bank in Columbia monthly. He picks up food and other things for both the Church and the thrift store. He makes deliveries for both of them also. When the canteen is needed here in town, he is usually the one driving it. He has helped with the Postal food drive here also. He even postponed a surgery in order to be able to make the trip to the food bank. “

You can listen to Lance discuss with Randy Kirby all the driving he's done for the Salvation Army during his retirement below.

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