There has been a lot of talk about vaccinations lately, something we all dreaded as kids, but knew it was a fact of life to keep from getting some disease. As a kid I had the mumps and measles, and a lot of other things for which shots were required.

When I was in the Navy a shot was expected every time something would pop up somewhere in the world. It was called being proactive. Once, when I was in New Orleans attending a navy school the medical people had to open a case of yellow fever inoculations for some sailors who were deploying to a tropical port where that particular disease is prevalent. The problem was there were only a few sailors who needed the shots, but the batch, which they said had to be used, and couldn't be re-stored was for a greater number, there fore all the sailors in school at that time got the shots for something we would not come in contact with. It is the military way! I remember asking a corpsman if there were any side affects. " Maybe a low grade fever" was the answer. I said that was fine because that was why I came to New Orleans. He did not see the humor in that.

It seems as if we are never too young or too old to need shots. This blog was just a way of leading into something no one but our children may care about.

Today, my wife and I went to the base, and received the dreaded "Shingles" shot because the disease is so much worse than the shots, which is true for many other diseases, so please protect yourself and your children. Get the #@%^&^%$ measles shot for the kids. I still think however even those shots should be given in a bar with a chaser.

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