The flu season has run rampant across the country this year and the season continues on.  Many people are trying to get a flu shot and are finding that they are hard to find.  The CDC distributes them almost as much as they are used up.  JoAnn Martin of the Pettis County Health Center pointed out that as of last Friday (Jan. 11) there were very little if not any vaccines in Pettis County.  However more shipments arrived in Sedalia today (Jan. 16).

Several pharmacies have the flu shot or mist available at this time:

  • Walgreens, 801 South Limit Avenue - (660) 826-7692
  • Plaza West Pharmacy, 3330 West 10 Street in Sedalia - (660) 827-0000
  • Medical Center Pharmacy, 1700 South Ingram Avenue - (660) 826-2626
  • Swords Family Pharmacy, 300 South Ohio Avenue in Sedalia - (660) 826-0462

“You can also check with your health care provider or pediatrician," Martin said. “They may have a limited supply.”

Several pharmacies that were checked for availability stressed that they hope this flu season encourages people to get their shots or mist as early as possible in the future.  Normally the supply is higher in the fall.

If you can’t get a vaccine and catch the flu, the CDC recommends:

  • Getting plenty of rest
  • Drinking clear fluids like water, broth, sports drinks, or electrolyte beverages to prevent becoming dehydrated
  • Placing a cool, damp washcloth on your forehead, arms, and legs to reduce discomfort associated with a fever
  • Putting a humidifier in your room to make breathing easier
  • Gargling salt water (1:1 ratio warm water to salt) to soothe a sore throat
  • Covering up with a warm blanket to calm chills

Above all, check with your doctor or pharmacist if you feel that you have the flu.

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