On Tuesday afternoon, Governor Mike Parson signed four additional bills into law. 

SB 36 - Capitol Complex Tax Credit:
Creates a $10 million tax credit to be used for rehabilitation or renovation of buildings in the Capitol Complex.

SB 57 - Funding for Criminal Behavior Deterrence:
Creates the Economic Distress Zone Fund which provides funding to nonprofits that focus on deterring crime in high crime areas of the state. It also creates the Critical Incident Stress Management Program to assist officers with stress and trauma.

HB 402 - Relating to Lottery Winners:
Prohibits the Lottery Commission from publishing a winner's name unless they have written permission from the winner.

SB 71 - Civil Proceedings:
Allows parents, guardians, and juvenile officers to appeal child placement decisions, allows modifications to custody agreements to include grandparent's visitation rights, and modifies the definition of stalking to include newer technologies like social media.

SB 71 also allows courts to grant protective orders to prevent someone from committing or threatening abuse against a pet and allows protection orders to be extended up to ten years under certain conditions.

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