The holiday season has many different holidays that are celebrated, whether it be Christmas on Dec. 25, Chanukah starting on Dec. 8, Kwanzaa starting on Dec. 26 or a few others that are celebrated around the world. However, one that I celebrated when I was living in Germany is celebrated today (Dec. 6). It is St. Nicholas Day.  This is not the day he was born as you may think, but is the day he died in AD 343, and thus is called the St. Nicholas Feast Day.

For those that are unaware of this holiday, it the day that is celebrated to honor St. Nicholas, who was a Saint in the 4thCentury that was known for secret gift-giving and his compassion towards other in lending a hand when needed. The story goes that St. Nicholas would travel around and give small gifts for those who left their shoes outside their door.

The tradition of leaving shoes out is still popular today in Europe and has been popular in a few other locations in the United States. Some say it could be used a judging point in whether Santa Claus will visit you on Christmas Day.  When you leave your shoes out, you may find that you have coins, candy or small trinkets. If you found any of those items, it is said that you are good, but if you found coal or switches, then you have been bad and need to make amends for whatever you have done.

Overall, it is a day to also share stories about giving and how St. Nicholas did it secretly.

I hope this maybe rekindles your spirit of the holidays.  If you want to read more about St. Nicholas and how you can start this tradition, I highly recommend the St. Nicholas Center website.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!