There was heavy opposition from dozens of community members concernig a proposed development near Lions Lake in Warrensburg Monday night.

During a regular Warrensburg City Council meeting that lasted over two hours, “other business” included approval or rejection of a preliminary plat for 86 lots proposed for a “Lions Gate” subdivision.

The architect, Burgbuilder Group, LLC, represented Monday night by managing member Justin Harris, submitted the preliminary plat for a nearly 27-acre piece of land on the west side of Main Street. It is roughly 330 feet north of Lions Lake Park and Southwest Drive, and lies east of the Spring Ridge subdivision.

The proposal calls for 86 single-family lots, two tracts and six new streets. The property is zoned R-1, and has been since 1992.

The cost of the homes would be around $200,000, according to Harris, who attended and spoke at Monday night's meeting.

Concerns from dozens of area residents were vocalized after Warrensburg Mayor Casey Lund asked for comments on the matter.

Most concerns centered around safety and a huge increase in the traffic flow in the area. It was noted during the discussion that well over 500 people signed a petition against development of Lions Gate. A major concern for some was the runoff of silt and sediment from construction.

A list of concerns included:

• Subdivision was originally presented as around 40 lots and now it is 86.
• 86 houses is too many houses for 26 acres and the area.
• Aesthetics does not match the neighborhood.
• Environment concerns (silting in, flooding, dredging, pollutants, fertilizers, nitrogen levels, algae blooms, fish kills) for water quality of the Lions Lake and Spring Ridge Lake.
• Increase in traffic (120-130 cars) on Main Street is not safe for vehicles or pedestrians due to inadequate size and construction of Main Street. The intersection of Clark St. and Main St. is bad and this will make it worse. A traffic study should be done.
• Loss of wildlife habitat (deer, fox, eagles, hawks) and trees.
• Lots will have small back yards and overall a lack of green space.
• Stormwater design is inadequate and if the basins fail, will flood the homes to the south of Tract B.
• Not anti-development, just too much for that area.
• Southwest Estates is already a cut through to campus with no sidewalks so people walk in the street. More cars cutting through will make this even more dangerous.
• Will increase trash along Southwest Drive.

The Planning and Zoning Commission rejected the idea on April 1, but City Council ultimately voted yes on the preliminary plat Monday night, with Mayor Lund explaining the vote was administrative.

The Warrensburg Council meets again June 10.

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