The Warrensburg City Council conducted all of its business in 15 minutes Monday night, maybe a record of sorts.

In what could have been a lengthy discussion about minimum lot sizes, the Council quickly adopted an ordinance concerning the minimum lot size for single-family residential lots, which was the second reading of an ordinance Amending Chapter 27 of the Code of City Ordinances regarding minimum lot size, setback and driveway requirements for reduced-size lots.

At the Jan. 13 meeting, the ordinance was read for the first time by title only. Council also voted to amend the ordinance by adding the words per unit in the table in Section 5 of the proposed ordinance. That change has been made in the ordinance. No other changes were made.

The ordinance allows mixed-size, single-family lots in newly platted subdivisions in the R1, R2, R3 and R4 residential districts.

The intent of the ordinance was to see an increase in single family homes constructed at the “starter” home price in new subdivisions.

At their Jan. 6 meeting, the Warrensburg Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of the ordinance.

The City of Warrensburg seeks to incentivize the construction and development of single family homes that are more affordable for those entering the housing market in the City of Warrensburg.

Under finance, General Fund revenue for December 2019 is down compared to December 2018. However, in total for the Year, revenue is up just over 1 percent at 1.11 percent. Property tax collection is up slightly this year compared to last along with sales tax.

There is continued decline in Cigarette Tax, Telephone and Cable Franchise Tax.

The Lodging Tax continues to increase over last year with this year nearly 80 percent more than this time last year.

With all Funds combined year-to-date, City revenue is exceeding expenditures or expenses by $302,970.41.

Several of the Funds’ expenditures or expense are exceeding the revenue collected. General Fund is one place where expenditures are exceeding revenue.

Capital Improvement along with Water Pollution Control funds’ revenue are currently exceeding expenditures. As projects complete, the projection is for revenue to provide for expenditure or expense.

Council also approved an open container ordinance with 10 requirements for applicants:

1)The name and address of the sponsoring entity;
2) The location, date and time of the proposed event;
3) The name and address of the licensee(s) that will serve intoxicating liquor;
4) The type of activities proposed for the event;
5) The number of personnel which will be provided to administer the event for the applicant;
6) The estimated attendance for the event;
7) Proof of public liability insurance naming the City as an additional insured in at least the amounts listed in Section 537.610 RSMo and as the same is annually adjusted;
8) A certification that neither membership in the organization nor admission to the event shall be limited based upon race, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender or other legally protected class;
9) Past performance of the applicant for similar events or under a separate liquor license; and
10) Safeguards proposed by the applicant to advise the public of the boundaries of the event and to assure that only license holders will dispense liquor to be consumed in the event area.

Also, Sunset Hill Cemetery fees were increased at Monday night's meeting.

Grave openings and closings from Monday through Friday will increase from $750 to $800.

Saturday, Sunday and holiday grave openings and closings will increase from $850 to $900.

Infants and Cremations Monday through Friday are $325
Infants and Cremations Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are $425

In addition, there will be no funerals or cremations on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The changes take effect Feb. 1, it was noted by Peggy Hostetler, Public Works Administration Project Manager.

The reason for the increase, according to City Manager Harold Stewart, is due to an increase from the company that the City contracts with to do the work. This is the second year in a row the firm, Saline Vault Company of Sweet Springs, has increased their fees. Warrensburg did not pass on the increase last year, but felt the need to make an adjustment this time, Stewart said.

Stewart also said that a press release would be issued by the City of Warrensburg sometime next week pertaining to snow and ice removal from sidewalks. The press release will contain a map and be sent to major landlords, Stewart promised. The idea is to be proactive, he said. The grace period will be 24 hours before a ticket is issued. Stewart added that the ordinance has been on the books for decades, but lacked enforcement.

April 7 is the date set for Warrensburg's general election, in which two of three candidates running for City Council will be decided by voters. On the ballot will be Casey Lund, Jim Kushner and Tarl E. Bentley.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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